About the ratings

I have decided to use a 10 star ranking system, much like on IMDB. Many movie critics use a 4 star system. I don’t like it. There is no room for nuance. Several movies can be ranked at 3 stars, yet there can clearly be one 3 star movie that is better than another. A 10 star(or point, if you will) system allows for a bit more separation. A 10 star movie would be an absolute masterpiece, such as Citizen Kane, Casablanca, or Ran. A 1 star movie would be absolute trash, such as . . . I cannot think of a one star movie. I normally watch movies that have at least some critical regard. I try not to waste my time on rubbish. At any rate, that is all there is about the ratings.

I recommend films that are at least 6 stars.  Of course, these rankings and recommendations are based on my preferences.  I try to be objective, and look at the artistic merits of each film.  Yet, only fools and politicians claim to be totally objective.  Keep this in mind as you peruse this site.

Good day.


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